About the centre

Lindenwoods Child Care Centre Inc. is a non-profit, government funded organization, licensed by the Province of Manitoba and registered under the Income Tax Act as a charity. The Centre operates within the framework of The Community Child Day Care Standards Act (1986).

Our Centre aims to provide a stimulating learning environment which recognizes that children are at various stages of development and each child is an individual, with different interests, strengths and levels of development. We believe that children learn best in a warm, caring atmosphere. In order to accomplish our objectives the children are provided with meaningful learning experiences and social activities.

The Centre welcomes children of all abilities. Daily programs are provided that include the full inclusion of children who require additional support because of a physical, cognitive, social or emotional need. To meet the abilities, interests and needs of each child, changes are routinely made to the programs in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Each child deserves an environment to promote growth in all areas of his/her development. The program provides experiences and routines to encourage socialization of every child with peers with the purpose to develop a sense of belonging and respect for dignity.

The input of parents is respected and valued thus are encouraged to participate in the decision making process about their child. The Centre supports families by collaborating with parents and early intervention professionals so that valuable knowledge and expertise is provided. The Centre is committed to learning more about various abilities and full inclusion as part of its annual training plan.


We are licensed by Manitoba Child Day Care, Department of Family Services and Labour. The Centre is licensed for 84 children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age, including a maximum of 50 children who are less than six years of age of whom no more than eight of the 50 are less than two years of age.

  • Infant program
    8 children, under two years of age
  • Preschool program
    32 children, two to six years of age
  • School age main room
    44 children, five to 12 years of age (including up to 10 children attending Kindergarten)

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